Desking Ranges

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Angled Beam Range.

Evolved from our standard Beam range, the Angled Beam design is a contemporary yet dynamic solution that fits effortlessly into a variety of different environments. Clean lines and customizable finishes make it easy to adapt to a clients specific needs.

Architectural Range.

Our Architectural range breaks traditional boundaries with its fun and unique leg structure. Inspired by modern architecture, the leg transcends the corner of the desk in the same way glazing wraps around the building framework.

Atlantic Range.

The Atlantic range features an extra wide straight leg that gives the illusion of strength and sturdiness, making it ideal for use in executive spaces. This is offset by the perforated modesty panel that brings lightness to the design resulting in an all round, well balanced product.

Beam  Range.

The epitome of form following function, our Beam range considers each element equally resulting in a solution that is both practical and aesthetically pleasing. The clean lines and structural integrity of the leg shape make it the logical choice for many of our clients.

Desert Range.

Our Desert range features a subtle curve in the worktop, inspired by the shapes created by rolling desert hills on the horizon. The curve also serves an ergonomic function as it allows the user to sit comfortably facing the corner of the desk, maximising the use of both sides of the work surface

Geocentric Range.

This range features a variety of different sized blocks used together to form the structure of the desking. This creates the illusion of offset, stacked and overlapping blocks, emphasized by alternating finishes on the faces of each shape.

Loop Range.

The Loop range features a continuous leg frame structure that forms clean and precise lines. This makes it perfect for use in open plan clustered workstations where multiple legs are used as they blend into the environment. The frame width can be adjusted to suit a single desk as well to ensure continuity in the design style throughout the office space.

Timberland Range.

Our Timberland range features an angular natural timber leg design inspired by raw materials and finishes found in nature. The angular quality of the leg is dynamic and creates interest in your space while still maintaining a fresh and contemporary aesthetic.